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Goodwill towards me

January 14, 2012

I always hear these stories about people finding things at Goodwill that they bought for $3 and with just and a little spray paint, they’ve turned it into a Crate and Barrel knockoff.

My Goodwill usually has old breadmakers and dusty books.

Until today! Look at this mirrored tray I got! The back looks like I’ll be able to pry up the tabs so I can take the metal frame off and spray paint it.


The new living room (whose creation is dependent on good painting weather so… let’s just say April since we’re in Chicago) is going to be black, white, and tan. Wouldn’t this look great in black on a side table holding a lamp or a picture frame and a candle?

Finally. Goodwill victory is mine!


Gift card organization

December 10, 2011


To keep my gift cards organized, I write the balance on them in sharpie. Makes it easier to use them at the checkout.

(I get every cent out of my gift cards. This one only has 43 cents, but I’ll use it towards a purchase. Don’t let stores keep your money!)

4 points in Heaven

November 21, 2011


When I saw this 3 pack of cookies for $7 at Aldi, I forgot for a minute that I was on Weight Watchers and bought them. I lasted 10 whole hours with them in my house before I made them – again, Weight Watchers who? Oh my goodness, these things are heaven. To make them all you add is – wait for it – melted butter. I know – how could they NOT be good, right? They’re also 4 points a cookie, so I need to give them away stat. After I eat one more.

One Nap Thanksgiving Wreath

November 19, 2011


I made this wreath after seeing a similar one on pinterest. My changes – I used different colored burlap, and frayed some burlap for the center of the flower rather than use buttons because those seemed like a lot of work… and I wanted to get this done in one naptime. I’m thinking about using the left over burlap in green and red for a Christmas wreath.

Breakfast of champions

October 27, 2011


This is my breakfast. I was up a billion times last night with a toddler who kept asking to eat when she wasn’t shrieking. Love her anyway. 🙂

Starting again

September 28, 2011

Cleaned out the blog, starting again now that I have being a mom and a craftinistia (I made that up) under my belt!