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How to wrap Baileys

December 20, 2011


I’m gifting an (unopened) bottle of Bailey’s to my daycare provider tomorrow and needed to make it look like a gift. I made one of the aforementioned burlap flowers and glued it on a festive piece of burlap. Done and done.


Super easy butternut squash Mac & cheese

December 17, 2011

Trust me, I love roasting a butternut squash and mixing it with homemade Mac and Cheese.

But I didn’t have that kind of time tonight.

Gotta get to a Christmas party real soon butternut squash mac and cheese

1 box macaroni and cheese
1 box butternut squash soup
1 Tbsp butter

Cook the macaroni. Mix in the butter, then gradually add butternut squash soup until desired consistency achieved.

Eat, then try to get two people dressed for a Christmas party, burning calories you will consume in cheesy appetizers.


Gift card organization

December 10, 2011


To keep my gift cards organized, I write the balance on them in sharpie. Makes it easier to use them at the checkout.

(I get every cent out of my gift cards. This one only has 43 cents, but I’ll use it towards a purchase. Don’t let stores keep your money!)