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4 points in Heaven

November 21, 2011


When I saw this 3 pack of cookies for $7 at Aldi, I forgot for a minute that I was on Weight Watchers and bought them. I lasted 10 whole hours with them in my house before I made them – again, Weight Watchers who? Oh my goodness, these things are heaven. To make them all you add is – wait for it – melted butter. I know – how could they NOT be good, right? They’re also 4 points a cookie, so I need to give them away stat. After I eat one more.


One Nap Thanksgiving Wreath

November 19, 2011


I made this wreath after seeing a similar one on pinterest. My changes – I used different colored burlap, and frayed some burlap for the center of the flower rather than use buttons because those seemed like a lot of work… and I wanted to get this done in one naptime. I’m thinking about using the left over burlap in green and red for a Christmas wreath.